GeekBlog October, 16th 2009 by Todd Bristow

Zombie defense course!

They are coming.  We’ve seen the signs.  You feel you are prepared, but what happens when your shotgun runs out of shells?  Or your chainsaw runs out of gas?  It’s mano-a-mano and your mano is looking pretty tasty.  Do you have what it takes to take on the zombie hordes with your bare hands?   Bring on the Zombie Defense Course!  If you live in Las Vegas and need definitive techniques, then read on survivors!

The boys at Roleplaying Radio (at have you covered.

The Zombie Defense curriculum is designed around simple and real world
techniques to quickly pacify a zombie’s attacks so as to live and
fight another day.
The Zombie Defender 1 module focuses on escape. Zombie Defender 2
module focuses on mitigate. Zombie Defender 3 module focuses on
The Level one module will equip all those who become certified with
the knowledge of:
 – How to escape from a single zombie.
 – How to escape from multiple zombies that are simultaneously attacking.
 – Basics on defensive garments that should be employed.
 – The three most common zombie attacks and their respective defenses.

The Zombie Defender 1 certification is being held at ATA Martial Arts.
4840 E. Bonanza Rd. #2 Las Vegas, NV 89110 702-234-6373
Saturday Oct 24 From 6 PM – 8 PM. Cost is $10. All Participants will
receive a certificate of completion.

Be there or be undead!



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