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Saving Sarah Connor

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was a good show. It was one of the best new sci-fi shows I’ve seen on network TV in a long while. It had killer robots, great action and Summer Glau. Despite how piss-awful the last Terminator film was, this series did not deserve to be cancelled.

That said, there is a growing movement started by fans of the show to get it back on the air. Fans got Star Trek back on the air. They also got Family guy back from the dead. So it goes to reason that fan outcry can get this show back on the air as well.

Given, it’s an uphill battle. Networks sell ads based on Neilsen ratings, which are antiquated, inaccurate judges of what people actually watch. They’d be gone if the networks weren’t stuck in the mindeset that they are worth a damn. It will take massive fan outcry to get the networks to see reason. And that’s what some fans are doing right now. is trying to raise enough funds to get mobile billboards around LA supporting the resurrection of the show. They’re very close to their goal, and if met, i’m sure they’ll try more things as well.

Also, I’m going to be giving away lots of stickers at comic-con to get the word out about saving the show (thanks to twitterer rtalyor5564). Geeks must help geeks.

Except Twilight geeks. Ugh.



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