GeekBlog July, 23rd 2009 by Admin

press lines SUCK

Torgo is hallucinating beside me. He’s speaking to an imaginary Jeff Bridges about Tron and what doesn’t make sense to him. Something about grid bugs. I’m afraid to acknowledge him.

You see, the Press Line was not the experience was expected. Not in the least. We got in easily enough. Our tag was placed on the red carpet, as were many other tags, from many other web media outlets. In fact, they were placed about 6 inches apart, forcing us to jockey for position with each other. The PR wranglers directed the talent to certain outlets and skipped many others, including ours. Talent? Well, that’s an overstatement. There was not much talent there. Tim Burton and the cast of Alice in Wonderland skipped the line entirely. The stars of Tron never came out. Eventually, we left.

We wandered into a room that we woudl be in later, and lo and behold, there were the stars of Tron, being interviewed in a air conditioned room, by the big name broadcast press. Well. Interesting. The online press outside in the heat were clearly snubbed. Soemtimes it sucks being online press.

Anyway, that’s it for us and press lines. It’s one-on-ones and THAT’S IT. We cater to geeks. Geeks need air-conditioning, and so do we.

Torgo is dreaming of riding lightcycles with Jeff Bridges. Wistfully. It’s time to get him some food. His blood sugar is low or some bullshit. Maybe a hooker.



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