GeekBlog April, 2nd 2013 by Todd Bristow

Musings of The Just (Michael)



Your playing a turn based game and even though you have been working all day and you need to get some rest, you just can’t put down the controller. You have to see what happens on the next turn, and again after that turn, you need to see a little more.

Games of my youth were full of these moments. XCOM: UFO Defense, SimCity, Civilization, Final Fantasy. All games that kept me riveted for hours on end.

Back then I had homework and chores that I should have been focusing on, now a-days I still have chores, but I also have work that needs doing, on top of that sleep is an important commodity that I need to keep up on.

It seems that if I play a game I really only have about two hours to get into it. I’ll set a timer and when it goes off I’m supposed to turn off the game. Then again, what happens if I just go for one more turn?

Well sleep is overrated anyways! Have fun on that next turn.



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