GeekBlog August, 9th 2009 by Admin

I didn't go to the trek convention

Barry here. Personally, I didn’t go to the trek convention. I have nothing against the terk con, it’s just that I’ve seen it all before. I’ve been to ten or so trek conventions put on by different entities, and the routine is the same. Someone talks about their experience on trek, people sign autographs, and the dealer’s room is filled with kinck-knacks and thingamabobs that I have little use for. Sometimes someone puts on a musical show. Yeah, not really into it.

However, the best part of any trek con has been the part that’s free to get into: the hotel bar.

Seriously, the get-togethers and trek talk at the hotel bar at ANY star trek con has ALWAYS been the most entertaining part. I DID and DO PLAN TO go to the hotel bar for the trek con that’s going on. And I did go to the viewing of the trek movie a couple days ago because it was at the welfare theater and i had friends going and it was a nice social thing.

But you can take your music video salutes to so-and-so and expensive autograph tickets and shove them right up your ass.



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