Geekshock November, 15th 2017 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #413 - Patchy ISIS

This week we talk Thor: Ragnorak w/spoilers (spoilers begin at 1:29:00). We also talk about rigged arcade prize games, the fall of Dark Universe, Critical Role plays Vampire: The Masquerade, Van Helsing, Rian Johnson’s blank Star Wars canvas, Live action Star Wars television show in development, Amazon is all in on Lord of the Rings, Star Tours updates, Old Man Hawkeye, the Origin of Jareth, The Boys are coming, Amazon video goes “freemium”, Star Trek: Discovery, and more. There’s always more. More More More More Pore Pore Pore Pore Porg Porg Porg Porg Porg Porg Porg Porg…..

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