Geekshock October, 17th 2009 by Admin

Couchcast 23 - Girls, Guns and Gratuitous Geekdom

Torgo, Vlarg and 80s jeff are joined in the studio (ok, living room) by geek chicks Deeb and Bianca as they discuss the next Xmen movie, Bryan Singer, the Viewmaster movie, Alex Kurtzman, Turk 182, obscure pop culture references, Megan Fox, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Ghostbusters 3, the Thor movie, Marge Simpson in Playboy, Independence Day 2, Ian McKellen, the Hobbit movie, Neil Gaiman on Twitter, Flash Forward, Ron Moore on Star Trek, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Terry Farrell as Dax, Supernatural, Stay Tuned, CSI Miami, Wil Wheaton’s Memories From The Future, Facebook stalkers, the World of Warcraft movie, Couples Retreat, Zombieland, scary movies, Beetlejuice, Garth Ennis’ The Pro, Left 4 Dead 2, Austrailan censorship, Sealand, Carl Sagan, and buttspree.

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