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Comic-Con has wore us out

This con has been brutal. Between press rooms, crazy crowds, awesome parties and walking miles every day carrying heavy gear, we’re just beat down.

Let’s save all the news for the comic-con wrap up episode, but go over a few highlights.

Robert Englund & Kane Hodder:

These guys were consummate professionals who really took pride in their craft. We would interview them again even if they were promoting burlap tampons. We especially liked how Kane slapped Torgo’s back so hard he almost fell over. I don’t think he’s washed his back since.


The party to end all parties. Zombie awesomeness. No cameras, but pics of it will be available at their site soon. These guys have been putting on the best Comic-con parties for years. the first one we ever went to was held over at the Abbey (an old church rented out for parties), and it was gothtastic vampirific goodness. They really go all out, and you won’t regret the cost of tickets. But get them EARLY, because if you miss out you’re fucked. It’s a popular thing.

Hall H lines:

Oh, we have some footage of Hall H for you. It’s ridiculous. Thousands of people lined up outside in the sun to sit elbow to elbow in the hall to watch a preview of some big movies and see the stars of the movies from very far away. Not so much a highlight as it is thankfulness for not having to wait in that line because we skipped Hall H entirely this year.

Zack Snyder:

We interviewed Zack Snyder, director of Watchmen and 300! He was a cool guy, but I wish he had more time to talk on camera. his handlers were a bit rude, but he was gracious.


Yes. Tired. So tired. Boarding a plane now. Want to sleep for a year and not walk ever again. We’ll get the next episode up soon. Thanks to everyone who helped this year!



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